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Kirkland Domestic Battery Lawyer

The Law Office of Jonathan James is here to help those in Kirkland that have been accused of domestic battery and need an experienced domestic assault lawyer to give them the best defense. We defend our clients that have been charged with domestic battery in the state of Illinois and find the facts. As a domestic battery attorney, we know there are false reports made on the part of the complaining witness for many reasons. You can be sure that our domestic battery lawyer at The Law Office of Jonathan James will get down to the facts. We understand as a domestic assault attorney that because you are charged doesn’t mean you’re guilty!

Kirkland Domestic Assault Attorney

The beautiful community of Kirkland, Illinois is a small village in DeKalb County. It has a population of 1,166 and a motto that reads “Nice Place to Call Home.” The Law Office of Jonathan James is here to provide our clients in Kirkland with the best the domestic battery attorney. Domestic battery cases are strictly prosecuted in the state of Illinois. Therefore, you need a domestic battery lawyer for help. Our domestic assault attorney believes in due justice and defending the right of our clients. We want to help you find justice by offering a domestic battery defense carried out by our domestic assault lawyer at The Law Office of Jonathan James.

Kirkland Domestic Assault Lawyer

The Law Office of Jonathan James fights against false claims. We recognize that you need an experienced domestic battery attorney when you find yourself in this type of circumstance. Our domestic battery lawyer will look over all the evidence to find facts and then build the best domestic battery defense. You deserve a fair day in court, and our domestic assault attorney will make sure that happens. We offer a Free Initial Consultation with our domestic assault lawyer at The Law Office of Jonathan James, so call (779) 500-0167, today!

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